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Basic Photo Editings You Must Apply before Sharing Your Photos

Photo editing is an important process to make your photo looks amazing to see. Editing is also a good step to make your photos look professional. It includes several steps which will be explained below.

Cropping and Cleaning the Images

The first basic photo editing is cropping and cleaning the images. Before doing it, try to focus on the straightening first. To straightening the image, you have to pay attention to the horizon of the image. Just make an imaginary horizontal when you shoot the object. It is considered the earlier editing step which supports the editing process. You may crop the image in order to improve the minor compositional details. Cropping is useful to remove any distracting elements from the frame. It is also used to repositioning the image faster. Spot-clean is the next photo editing you have to do to remove something you dont want to see on the image. The easy and fast way is by using a spot-removing tool. There are also some programs or apps which can be used to clean the spots.

Adjust the White Balance

The next editing process is adjusting the white balance. This editing process is necessary to do to balance the color level. The main function is to adjust the unnatural or displeasing color on the image. The most important thing to notify is that the image has to be in JPG file before adjusting the white balance. Most photo editing apps provide the user with adjusting the white balance feature. You can choose to take flash, daylight, or cloudy mode. By choosing one of the modes, you will have an image with a better calibration, especially to adjust the lighting condition when you shot the object. While adjusting the white balance, you can also slide the temperature and tint features to edit the overall lighting condition.

Adjust the Exposure and Contrast

If you want to make the image darker or brighter, you can just adjust the exposure and contrast. The purpose of adjusting exposure and contrast is to make your image get sufficient bright although you are able to make it darker or brighter. Slide the exposure feature to the left to make the image darker and to the right to make it brighter. Then, you can start to adjust the contrast. The function of adjusting the contrast is deciding the range of the dark and light tones. You can also use the contrast to make a specific element stand out which it cant be seen in the normal contrast. You may adjust the image into the low contrast, medium contrast, and high contrast.

Adjust the Color Vibrancy and Saturation

Adjusting color vibrancy and saturation is also an important thing to do. Photographers adjust the color vibrancy to increase the color intensity which they cant get in the neutral color tones. This is also used to make the image more dramatic than the original.

Adjust the Sharpness of the Image

Next, you also need to adjust the sharpness of the image. This editing process is done to get a crisp and clean image. Most photo editing apps offer a sharpening tool. You can start by adjusting the overall sharpness on a scale from 0 to 100. For a neutral option, you may start at 50% sharpness and then adjust the level up or down to sharpen the image just like what you want. When the editing process steps above are done, just save the result. Now, you can share your photo and let your friends give comment on it.